Suckerburg News: Politically correct?

Certain things are hard to understand. Facebook is one of them. The way it has seduced so many. More than a billion poor little things who'd rather go on-line to tell what they've had for breakfast – or whatever – rather than go out and speak to real people, or just sit alone reading a good book, in perfect silent seclusion. A sociological phenomenon, probably, we'll leave it to the experts.
What kind of boggles the mind is the sheer number of more or less left-leaning people who use it, daily, maniacally. Very bizarre. The addiction seems so unnatural in those quarters. What I mean is this: suppose Facebook was operated by, say, the CIA, or the ill-fated National Security Agency. Would they join up, then? Hardly. But Facebook, almost the same crowd, they embrace. A US corporate powerhouse, of all things. There's something rotten there, obviously.
All those lefties connecting every day, happy be to part of the big Suckerburg family. Thereby making the guy on top stinking rich. Profits in the first quarter of 2016 totalled some 1.5 billion dollars, reported Le Figaro [April, 29th]. To no mean extent thanks to the very people that scorn big corporate powerhouses and would never dream of mingling with them one way or the other. But, here, they jump on the wagon. Same thing with Google, same thing with Microsoft's horrendous Windows, etc.
The easy answer to this contradiction of a sort is that we live in a rather bad conjunction. We'll leave at that.